Martyn – Odds Against Us

Sello /
Ostgut Ton
Estreno /
July 2019
Estilo /
Drum & Bass,Techno

Berghain’s in-house label turns to drum & bass.

Can you imagine hearing 170-BPM drum & bass on Ostgut Ton five years ago? Thanks to Martyn, you don’t have to fantasize. After blending his musical interests into broken techno on last year’s Voids, Martyn pushes against the borders to revisit some of the music he used to make. «B.C. 2» is that 170-BPM drum & bass track, but instead of the shiny, modern sounds he used to release on Soul:r, this feels like it’s carved from wood and rubber. It’s powerful, rigid and limber.

The other two tunes are typical Martyn fusions. «Rhythm Ritual» is the highlight, where a lopsided drum pattern sounds like it’s from some old Crazy Cousinz dubplate. «Odds Against Us» reinforces a twisted 2-step beat with a nasty snarling bassline, like a 2019 update of something from Great Lengths. At his best, Martyn effortlessly cuts across genres to make music that could appeal to broad sectors of dance music. He’s scaling those same heights all over again.

A1 Odds Against Us
B1 B.C. 2
B2 Rhythm Ritual